Reverse Phone Lookup is no doubt an essential service for those looking to:

  • · Catch A Cheating partner Or Spouse
  • · Reconnect With Loved Ones- friends and relatives
  • · Keep An Eye On Their Children Without Their Knowledge
  • · Confirm Legitimacy of business proposals
  • · Stop Pranksters And Telemarketers
  • · Track Any Caller To His Address

If you have been burnt by the so called “free cell phone lookup sites” with their unreliable results and hidden charges…

If you have tried all you can to look up mobile phone numbers or unlisted phone numbers in public directories, search engines and social communities BUT HAVE NO TANGIBLE RESULT TO SHOW FOR YOUR EFFORTS…

Then you will find this site very useful.

Reviewed Below are look up sites that have been tested and have become trusted. Any of them will provide you with top quality results at pocket friendly rates.

Take Your Pick, The Ball Is In Your Court…

NO 1:

Phone Detective – Be Your Own Detective And Conduct Successful Phone Number Look ups


When it comes to conducting reliable reverse phone lookup at affordable rates, Phone Detective is the leader of the pack. With the popularity of the phone reverse lookup technbology, so many sites have sprung up, some good but some totally useless. Phone Detective is one of the best reverse phone lookup services online.

Formerly known as Reverse Phone Detective, Phone Detective is one of the pioneers of the reverse phone lookup industry, offering quality services at pocket friendly rates for years now.

Database- Largest And Most Up To date

It doesn’t matter what your lookup needs are, they have a huge database and regularly update it so that if you can’t find the information you need on their site, you simply can’t find it anywhere else. The best ESA number if you have existing claim can be found here

Customer Support- Awesome

Unlike most sites that leave you alone after collecting your money, Phone Detective’s customer support is awesome and their staff is always hand to help you make your lookup experience an enjoyable and hassle free one.

Is the Phone Detective Service Expensive?

A onetime search will cost $14.95 .

A one year membership subscription to the service costs $39.95. Unlimited searches are included with the yearly subscription so just two searches will pay for the service.

Unlike a free service on the Internet, the Phone Detective connects the searcher with information on cell phone numbers in addition to landline numbers. Cell phone information is protected and will never be included in a free search.

Is There a Guarantee?

Phone Detective is one of the few online phone search websites that provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their Guarantee: “If you cannot find the results you are looking for…you may request and obtain a refund for your purchase.”

Phone Detective is one of many online searches offering phone reverse lookup. Unlike others, however, this company backs their service with a guarantee which makes the money spent well worth it. If you find the information, you have what you needed all along. If not, you get 100% of your money back.


ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP- Unlimited Phone Lookups On Cell Phone, Land Line And Unlisted Numbers

It is advisable to sign up for the annual membership subscription as this affords you the opportunity to conduct unlimited searches all year long. This simply means by paying a one-time fee you get to lookup as many phone numbers as you like for a whole year, 10, 20 , 100 numbers- that will be up to you.

The good thing about Phone Detective ‘s annual membership option is that even if you don’t have any phone number you want to lookup right away; you can just register and then comeback anytime you like to conduct your phone searches.

If you want to go for the annual membership subscription,  Visit The Site and then click “REGISTER”

You can find the “REGISTER” link at the bottom right hand corner of the site


If all you want is to just lookup a number then Visit The Site and conduct your search straightaway. You will get your result in less than a minute.

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